6 Ways to Use Social Media for your Business this Easter

If you want to be really successful, you have to start looking at holidays the right way. Yes, when you are working for somebody else, holidays are a reason to take off, shut down, and tune out. Holidays are your chance to kick back and unwind, forget about work, right? That is technically right, but once you are your own boss, you need to take a different approach. When your success comes down to nothing but your own efforts and actions, holidays are the same as every other day: an opportunity to create business and get an edge on your competition.

With Easter coming up, now is a good chance to start planning for that holiday in particular. Here are six ways that you can use social media to get attention to your business this easter:

1. Do something with an Easter egg hunt. Pictures, even instructions for painting your logo on the eggs.

This is a great way to get attention to your business. Use your business colors and post on Pinterest and Instagram. You could encourage others to do the same and post a photo using your companies hashtag.

2. Change your colors to pastels, the traditional palette for Easter.

A great way to do this is by changing up your Facebook business profile picture. Try putting a pastel overlay on your photo or change up your timeline cover.

3. Add an Easter twist to your cover photo. Try throwing a bunny in there somewhere.

Another way to add an Easter feel to your Social Media is adding a bunny somewhere on your page. You could also try hiding it on your website somewhere and get people to search for it.

4. Offer an “egg-cellent” Easter discount.

Sell your own products? Give your customers a special easter discount or coupon to use. You can advertise this on your social media platforms and also to your subscriber list.

5. Do an Easter giveaway. Send out samples of your product in themed Easter baskets.

A nice touch is giving your customers an easter treat. It could be as little as adding an extra sticker to your packaging but adds a nice personal feel.

6. Create coloring sheets that combine an Easter theme with promotions for your brand.

Coloring sheets are massive at the moment. Could you incorperate your brand into a colouring sheet and give it away over social media. You could always try hiring a designer to make this for you.

Make sure you keep an eye out on my social media pages to see how I will be promoting the Entrepreneur-ess this easter

Yours as always in true success


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