How to Stand Out with Social Selling

There is a lot of to-do about the reinvention of industry when it comes to the Internet. Everything, we are to believe, is different, and one of the old rules apply. Of course, this is an exaggeration, and in reality, what holds true in your local street market will hold true on the pages of a social media marketplace as well. If you want to stand out, there are a few definite steps that you can take.

Step one is to stay on message. Know what your audience is all about: what they like, what they dislike, who they are. If you can remember what you need to say and why, saying it will become infinitely easier when the time comes.

Step two is to never be boring. In sales, as in most else in life, the biggest sin that you can commit is to lose someone’s interest. Be different. Be proud. Be sure of yourself. If you ever veer into boring territory, your social sales strategy is dead in the water.

The last step is the least intuitive of the three: don’t try to sell. Rather, let your product sell itself. You want to put yourself out there, but you want to leave a little room for your customers to find you too. Make them take the last step once you’ve made yourself visible.

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