My Miracle Morning Routine

I have been experimenting with the Miracle Morning Routine for the past few weeks and wanted to post a quick review on my experience. For those of you who don’t know what the Miracle Morning is it’s a book written by Hal Elrod.


What is the Miracle Morning?TMM-cover-high-res

It focuses on adding in an hour/two every morning before you would normally get up. The book claims to transform your life before 8AM. I purchased both the e-book and the audio book so I could listen to it while working but also read it in my spare time. It’s a short book and won’t take you long to get through it. The message is pretty simple and Hal outlines a routine that can change your focus by incorporating 6 rules, which he calls the Life S.A.V.E.R.S


You can interpret each of the rules differently depending on your lifestyle goals and what you want to achieve. Hal advises starting waking up an hour before your regular time and trying to get up right away. I set my alarm for 5.30am, which is 1 and a half to 2 hours before my 2 sons wake up. I find this gives me enough time to get my 6 savers done and some extra to prepare things for the school morning.


As soon as I wake I have a glass of cold water and take my vitamins and change into my workout clothes. I try to get out of bed straight away to avoid snoozing or going back to sleep. Once I am up I focus on the 6 rules set out by Hal.


My Routine:

S – Silence

I use this time when I wake up to meditate for 5 minutes. I use an app called Calm, which guides me through an energizing, and mind focus meditation. I do this downstairs in my office sitting in a meditation pose. I don’t recommend doing this lying down as you may fall back asleep!


Bullet Journal Miracle MorningsA – Affirmations

I put together a list of 17 affirmations that relate personally to my goals and what I want to achieve, these can be health related, money related, or just positive attitude related. I read these aloud while standing. I spend 5 minutes doing this.


V – Visualizations

I have set up a vision board in my office which focuses on areas of my life which I want to improve. I spend about 5 minutes doing this.


E – Exercise

I use the FitStar App to do a 20 minute circuit training workout. I love doing this in the mornings as it really gets me moving. You could go for a run, or do a yoga DVD but personally I like to do some kind of strength training routine.


R – Reading

I spend 10 minutes reading a chapter of whatever book I am currently reading.


S – Scribing

For this last rule I split the time up and spend 5 minutes on my journal planning out my day. I write out my list of things I need to do and get prepared for the day. I spend the rest of the time working on my blog, blog topics, or writing my book.


How the Morning Miracle has helped Me:

I would never have described myself as a morning person but over the last few months my life has just become too busy. I have found myself loosing time and not being able to schedule in a workout, or time to work on my own blog and book. The Miracle Morning routine has allowed me to find time for this, get things done, and increase productivity. Now when my kids wake up at 7.30 I am prepared for the mornings, less stressed, and I feel ready to face the day with full force.

If you haven’t read the Miracle Morning yet I highly recommend you get yourself a copy. The audio book is FREE with Amazon Audible if you don’t already have an account there so take a look today and let me know how you plan to use your Miracle Morning.

  • Helen
    May 12, 2016

    Thanks for this! I am starting to carve a morning ritual into my day and am getting up at 6am. My baby son wakes shortly after though so I am going to get up at 5.30 so that I can have more time for journaling and meditation. I do find it the best time of the day for ideas. Thanks god your tips!

    • Nikki
      May 12, 2016

      Great that these tips could help you out Helen. I would love to know if adding that extra half an hour helps!

  • Dr Liz Chapman
    May 14, 2016

    I *am* a morning person and I know how important it is to get a head start on the day. These tips really work together to get going fast in a busy world with multiple attention grabbers trying to muscle in. Don’t snooze and lose, but get up and at it. When my children were teenagers and I had three jobs, the only way to do everything was start before anyone else, but managing myself and my mood was so important too.

    Thanks Nikki – this is great advice.

    • Nikki
      May 16, 2016

      Love this quote “Don’t snooze and lose, but get up and at it.” Those extra few hours spent in bed can make such a huge difference.

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