The Importance of a Social Media Calendar

In life, you can’t overestimate the impact that a solid routine and an organized calendar will have. It is one the keys to success in everything that you do, and social media is no exception. If you want to hit your goals and say all that you plan on saying, you need to start taking notes. More than that, however, you need to keep an organized calendar, keeping track of your social media plan in intricate detail. This could make or break you on any one of the social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Say you think of some idea for a post. It’s the first quarter of 2016 right now: what if your idea doesn’t fit for the first quarter but instead fits for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Never trust yourself to remember anything. There is a place where good, unwritten ideas go, and it’s right next door to the place that’s home to all those missing socks and car keys. Plan everything, meticulously, to exhaustion. Mark down your weeks. Mark down your days. What are you doing six months from now? What are you doing tomorrow? You ought to know this plan like the back of your hand, and with a social media calendar, doing so is easy.

There is an added benefit to all this planning: you can start thinking in larger chunks. One day, you are going to have more free time than you usually do, and you would be surprised just how far ahead you can get on your social media content. Give it a shot. Don’t wait for 2017: get working on your 2016 social media calendar today.

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