Who is the Entrepreneur-ess?

In 1984 my mum gave birth to a very determined baby girl, as my birth marks prove I came out in the Mr Muscle position! As I grew older I quickly developed a confident attitude and at just age 5 I got up on stage to tell a joke to hundreds of people in the audience. My parents decided to put me into dance classes at a young age and I loved the creativeness as well as the tough discipline of ballet.

As I started to grow older I found school subjects starting to get tougher and found that my skills didn’t lie in spelling or math’s. I struggled to keep up with the levels and often found myself placed in the lower groups because of my spelling skills. I always thrived in other areas such as projects, coursework, and art.¬† I took the time to organize each project and loved getting everything together to hand in at the end of the course.

My parents always claim I was a born entrepreneur as I had a real passion for building a business right from a young age when I used to sell slices of mandarin to my younger brother in a pretend shop! I loved the charity days at school when we could raise money by baking small cakes, and enjoyed building a team and managing events.

I am not sure I was ever a poor achiever at school but don’t think I ever fit the traditional educational route and after completing my GSCEs I was ready to leave the education system. I was ready to focus on the subjects I really enjoyed and spent a few years at sixth form doing Psychology, Graphic Design, and Performing Arts. At age 18 performing arts was where my heart lay and I couldn’t get enough of the adrenaline buzz when I hit the stage. After my A Levels I enrolled in a full time performing arts course in London and loved every minute of it.

The day after graduating from college I went abroad in Greece for my first working job as a dancer in a hotel show. I fell in love with travelling and loved making friends while working for just a few hours a day. It was at age 26 after meeting my husband that we decided to head back to his home country of the Netherlands and settle to make a life together. The first thing I tried to do once we arrived was to find a job which proved harder than I had ever imagined. Even the most basic office reception jobs were asking for a degree in customer service, and I was not qualified for many jobs. Although I had a pretty good record of work I had never worked above a very basic position and as I was still getting to grips with the Dutch language I struggled to even get an interview for any jobs.

At age 27 I fell pregnant¬† and was overjoyed to be starting a family . At 4 months pregnant I was out of a job with no maternity payout until the end of the pregnancy I had to start looking into finding work elsewhere. The problem was most places were unwilling to hire a pregnant woman especially one who wasn’t fluent in the language.

I started looking online for ideas to make money and came across a whole world of information and a huge network of people who were making an income online. I started doing a lot of research and signed up to a LOT of free courses to sink my teeth into what I could do online to make money.

During these months I learned a lot from other marketers by looking at how they set up their sales pages, how the wrote their pitches and how they marketed to their clients. I found myself engrossed in how these marketers were making so much money and how they were selling.

By the time my first son was born in the January I had set up my own service selling these websites in packages to businesses all over the world. I had set up a sales page to sell them from and communicated with customers on a handful of websites and forums. I had built a email list of all my buyers and sent them updates on what I could offer them, when I was offering a discount, and asking them to refer me to their friends who may need a website. I had created my first business model while pregnant from home using only my laptop.

7 years on in 2016 I still run my business entirely online and have been able to support myself and my family without ever having to go back to a traditional 9-5 job. I set up this blog to help women all around the world to be able to set up a successful business online. Live the lifestyle they want to with the freedom to take time for themselves and their families.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I look forward to connecting with you over Social Media and right here in the comments section.


Yours in true success


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